Lots of work to be done

June 2: still waiting on a nice and sunny day

Yes Ham-radio is nearly a never ending story of climb onto the roof, install or repair antennas and repeat the process after a few years.
Yes, just like 4 years ago it's Roof Time once Again.
The jobs at hand now are:
Replacing coax cables between the remote coax switch and the FMJ-BRT tuner.
Reparing the broken ladderline to the dipoles.
It a center fed dipole with 4 dipoles, one for each band 160/80/40/30.
160 m dipole is half way folded back.
The roof is 'only' about 48 meters long. (bummer)
60M works as an off-center fed half wave dipole with the 80+40 halvesas part of the dipole.
Re-arranging the 53m long Inverted L.
Since it is now attached to it's own SGI-tuner, it works from 160-10.
After all that it's back onto the aether making lots of beeps.
I mostly do CW because I can hardly differentiate between a politician and barking dog on a good day, let alone in SSB.